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Our practice is devoted EXCLUSIVELY to the medical care, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment of cats, cats and only CATS! 

Dr. Jill Starcevich founded the Cheshire Cat Hospital in 1993 right here in Westminster. During her veterinary school years at Colorado State University it became apparent that the medical and surgical needs of felines are vastly and critically different than those of other species. Although cats are now the most popular pets in America, knowledge of their peculiar medicine lags terribly behind what we know about other species. Although we are fortunate (and so are our cats) that research is now devoting more resources to feline problems, incorporating this emerging information into the art of medicine requires a diligence and devotion to the subject that takes a tremendous amount of time and energy. Our practitioners attend feline medicine continuing education seminars, consult with a network of feline practitioners and specialists all over the country, and devote considerable personal time to the study of feline medicine. With the explosion of information it is impossible for any one veterinarian to be fully knowledgeable about the changing needs of every species; there simply are not enough hours in every day. By focusing on one species, our doctors feel that we can provide you with the very best of care, which is the personal goal of each and every staff member here at the Cheshire Cat Hospital.

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